For Immediate Release

The LIST (Lock Industry Standards and Training) Council has been working on expanding "The Professional Glossary of Terms Relating to Cylinders, Keys and Master Keying" which it produced in 1982. The LIST Council has been asked to exand that document into a complete locksmith dictionary by defining an additional 1236 terms as specific to our industry.

Part of the process used by the LIST Council to set standards is a peer review of work accomplished . The LIST Council is pleased to announce the release for peer review 342 primary and 67 secondary terms and definitions. LIST requests that you make your comments prior to March 1, 1997. A meeting of the LIST Council will be scheduled shortly after that date for comment review.

Copies of the peer review document are being sent in print and a disk to the following:

Associated Locksmiths of America             Door and Hardware Institute
Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association             The National Locksmith
Locksmith Ledger             Pine Technical College

Some of these organizations have agreed to post the peer review document for download. Locksoft Inc. has agreed to be a source of the printed version of 23 page document for anyone willing to submit $3.00 to cover the printing and mailing costs involved. Locksoft may be contacted at 1-402-461-4149. Thank you in advance for your participation in this project.


Lock Industry Standards and Training Council

For a copy of the peer review in Microsoft Word download here (73,528 Bytes)

For a copy of the peer review in Word Perfect download here (61,302 Bytes)

For a copy of the peer review in ASCII format download here (44,058 Bytes)